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Our Design

  • A Kickoff Meeting

    At Royce Brook Media, we’ve worked hard to streamline our website design and development process. We’ll start out with a project kickoff meeting that will be done either in person or over the internet using screen share software, depending on location and availability. During the kickoff meeting, we’re going to get to know your brand, your image, your color preferences, and the overall feel of your business.

  • The Collaboration

    After we’ve gathered enough information, we’ll input everything into our project management software and send you an invite. Also at the kickoff meeting, we’ll show you a variety of examples of what your website could look like, as well as be receptive to any examples you’ve prepared. The next step will be to set you up in our project management software and show you how to use it.

  • Design (Mockup the First Step)

    Once you are well versed in our user-friendly internet based project management software, we’ll go our separate ways. Within 24-48 hours, we’ll send you an initial homepage mockup design. From there, you will naturally have revisions. You’ll tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you want to see changed. We’ll make the changes and updates as many times as necessary until you are 100% satisfied. Once the homepage is complete and signed off on, we’ll move to step 2. We’ll then send you all of the internal pages for your review, just as we did the homepage. You’ll tell us what you love, what you hate, what you like, what you don’t like. Based on your feedback, we’ll make the necessary revisions until you are thrilled with the results.

  • Development

    Once you have signed off on all of the mock up designs, you will have a perfect representation of what your website will look like visually. The next step is moving to the coding phase. We’ll take the visual mockup designs and turn them into an actual functional website. From here, we’ll be able to discuss functionality. Maybe you want certain things to slide from left to right, or fade in from the middle. Maybe you want things to appear as you scroll down. From here, we can talk about some functionality and flow of the site.

  • CMS

    Once that is complete, we’ll typically convert your website to WordPress, depending on your needs, which will function as the CMS (Content Management System). You’ll be able to use WordPress as the vehicle in which to make edits and changes to your website once it is complete and live. Once you see the fully working WordPress version, we will review it and make sure everything is perfect.

  • Launch

    The last step is signing off on the completed website and we will transfer it to a hosting of your choice. You can, of course, host with us or choose any service provider of your liking.

  • Growth

    At that stage, we typically like to move into a marketing campaign if your budget allows. This helps give a good overview of our process in detail. We’ve streamlined the process, it’s extremely efficient, and will get you to where you are going. During this process, you will have your own project manager assigned to you. You will be able to reach out at any point in time for updates, although our project managers will be following up with you multiple times a week on the progress of your site. All of our contact information will be supplied to you from the beginning, therefore, you can reach out with any concerns or questions along the way. Let Royce Brook Media take you by the hand and guide you through the website design and development process.

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